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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Mixed Reality - Canon to Launch Game Changer

Canon have announced that they will launch their "Mixed Reality" (MR) technology at the end of July this year.  What does this mean for the likes of you and me?  Quite a lot actually.

What Canon has done is, quite simply, outstanding, by giving the ability to combine full size computer generated images in 3D that interact with the user.  It's uses are endless, including prototyping new products in a much reduced time scale than traditional methods.  The user will be able to use the prototype combining it with the MR system and actually get a feel of how the product will handle in the real world.

Canon state that the technology will "initially focus on the industrial design and other design fields".  But ultimately I can see this technology making it's way into our homes.  For a while now, users of consoles and hand-helds such as the Sony PS3 and Nintendo 3DS have been using augmented reality (AR) to play games, whereby the use of cards or everyday objects are reflected in their games.  But should Canon develop (and undoubtedly miniaturise) the technology, and I can see console manufacturers being very interested in buying into the technology.

And let's not forget what this technology could do in the field of medicine (something Canon are already pioneers of).  Using MR in this field could allow surgeons to practice complicated procedures on patients as if it was a real-life situation.

So yet again, Canon have come up with a technology that will benefit us all in the long run, be that allowing manufacturers to bring to market products quicker, or to enhance game play in the future, or even help save lives.

The full press release from Canon on MR can be found here

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